We are a locally owned business.

Black Horn Concrete hauls all the components of concrete on our trucks and mixes on site.

This way, you get the freshest and highest quality concrete possible.

Equally important, we strive for excellent customer service on every job.

Our fleet of trucks are available to deliver as much or as little concrete to meet your needs. 

Do you really want to do all the work yourself?

If your answer is “not really,” then consider Black Horn Concrete. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality concrete and delivering it to you in the most expedient manner. NO more long hours of heavy labor mixing! NO more waste! NO more messy clean-ups! Concrete is extremely heavy, weighing almost 2 tons per yard. It takes approximately 40 bags of sacrete to equal 1 cubic yard!  

How does our operation differ from the standard ready-mix delivery?

Computerized Trucks

We haul all the ingredients for fresh concrete (sand, rock, cement, water, and additives) in separate compartments on our trucks. According to each customer’s strength specifications, gates are set at the outlet of the sand, rock, and cement compartments, allowing the proper amount of each to drop onto a conveyor belt. This continuously moving conveyor belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where water and additives are added as it enters a 9′ auger. As it travels down towards the chute, all ingredients are mixed together and emerges as fresh concrete.


All our concrete mixes are metered off the truck to the nearest 1/4 yard. We can deliver 1/2 yard and up. There is never any leftover concrete dumped at you job site.

Remote Drive System​

Unlike ready-mix trucks, our concrete trucks are equipped with a unique remote drive system, allowing the operator to move and steer the truck from a control station at the rear of the unit. At many job sites, this valued feature saves substantial time and money. It is unnecessary for the operator to jump in and out of the truck repositioning it to complete a pour.

Why is fresh concrete a superior product vs. ready-mix concrete?

Concrete is a combination of inert materials (sand and rock) and a paste composed of cement and water. The materials change from a semi-liquid substance into a solid binder as a result of chemical reactions between water and various compounds in the cement. This process begins immediately after the mixing of all ingredients.

  • Ready-mix concrete is mixed together at a batch plant and transported by truck in a rotating drum to the job site, therefore, the curing process is already underway during travel time. This minimizes the time available for finishing, and in some cases, requires the addition of extra water to maintain concrete with enough fluidity for pouring, which reduces its strength.
  • Because Black Horn Concrete is mixed right at the job site, your concrete is ALWAYS FRESH. It also has a more plastic texture for superior workability and allows you the maximum finishing time. Unlike ready-mix, there is no need to add extra water to keep it fluid, assuring you the correct strength your job requires.